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We have created an environment where the brightest enquiring minds feel at home, providing our people the means, opportunities and support they need to thrive and innovate.

Yes, competence and know-how are very important, but we believe that your career is mainly boosted by your personality. Your success and consequently our success is highly affected by your attitude and level of responsibility that you show every day.

Stay focused, committed and humble and you will succeed at Closer.


Internacional Career

Closer Around the World

Managing complexity of today’s business environment is definitely one of the 21st century’s biggest challenges, where countries, firms and people are more closely, deeply and quickly interconnected as ever before.

Our sustained growth led us to establish six offices in five different countries allowing us to work closely with some of the largest corporations in the world, collaborate with top international universities in academic essays and actively participate in major international conferences, giving voice to our mission: To Challenge Complexity.

What we offer


Career Management
  We want to give you an experience of a lifetime. Your career path is customized for you.
Great Work Environment
  Mutual respect, team spirit, excellent office sites, periodic events and an "open doors" policy.
Challenging Projects
  Well-known customers, innovative topics, emerging technologies and teams with the best knowledge.
  Multitasking workshops will allow you to broaden your knowledge on a regular basis.
  Increase your knowledge with our training and certification plan in accordance with your needs.
Fast Growing Career
  Show us your value, we’ll help you grow! Our prompt culture allows you to have the best career opportunities.

Your dream job is Closer than you think!